Author - Preemptive Love

Building Today’s Leaders One Soft Skill at a Time

Rand recalls her younger self saying, “I will never work in finance. I hate dealing with money.” Today, Rand is the Finance and Administrative Coordinator at a tech hub in Mosul, Iraq, that focuses on developing entrepreneurship, innovation, and tech-based jobs. Her goal is to earn a Master of...

Making Safe Spaces in Tech Shifts Culture

“We’ve had people coming into the program, especially women, come in and say ‘I do this for my daughter. I do this for my son, so I can teach them something that I know they would not get from school.’ And that’s encouraging because she’s not the only generation...

Deran Muhammed ali Hasan

Freelance Graphic Designer As a young returnee, Hiwa was a very active person with a lot of eagerness to learn and for adventure. He believes that without consistency, hard work, and failure, success is not possible.