success stories

Sara Jabar Ahmed

At WorkWell, Sarah built a great set of soft and tech skills, and went on to a job that matched the skills she developed. In her current position she regularly uses a lot of her accounting, computer, and people skills. ...


Halla is one of the top-notch workers that we had. Ever since she joined WorkWell, Halla has been working none stop to prove and improve herself. Whenever Halla sees an opportunity, she jumps right in and tries her best to get the most out of that opportunity. She joined...

Avan Taha

Avan has diabetes, but this didn't stop her from showing us her creativity and sharing her ideas. One of the ideas of hers was helping and building awareness among patients who have diabetes,specially the children. She started on a project which is opening a center for children who have...

Eman Anwar

Eman found employment after graduating from WorkWell as a Social Media Manager at Sayran City. The skills she gained from the program enabled Eman to stand out from other applicants..

Adam Kawa Ali

Adam was a smart and shy worker, but he always said “I will start small and then go big”, and he did exactly that. He started his own online business bringing products from Europe. Also works as Business Developer