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    Our Tech Hubs

    Some of Our Tech hub Location in Iraq

    Erbil Tech Hub

    Golan Street, English Village entrance, AB Center, 1st floor

    +964751 847 6679

    Duhok Tech Hub

    Main two side street close to WAAR tv, Duhok, Iraq

    +964751 402 2789

    Suly Tech Hub

    Bakhtiary Main Road, Close to Ivar Market, Talary Blnd, 2nd floor, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

    +964772 224 2395

    Mosul Tech Hub

    Alshurta neighborhood, across the street from Rabbah Carwash, Mosul, Iraq

    +964770 913 5987

    Basrah Tech Hub

    Old city council building, Al Sa'y, Basra, Iraq

    +964780 067 1665