Business on Social Media

Title: She was working none stop to prove and improve herself.

Halla is one of the top-notch workers that we had. Ever since she joined WorkWell, Halla has been working none stop to prove and improve herself. Whenever Halla sees an opportunity, she jumps right in and tries her best to get the most out of that opportunity. She joined the Social Media class just because that class would help her gain new skills which will help her with her own business on social media. In the class, she was one of the best who always came up with straight to the point questions. Everyone at WorkWell loved having her in the classes. She also participated in the Microwork class and impressed everyone with her performance. It took her one project to prove to everyone that she is one of the best to work on projects.


Mr. Allen said, “Halla joined later than anyone else on her first project and she still managed to get more job done than anyone else. I really like her enthusiasm.”