Roza Aziz Abdulla


Student Services Assistant 

Title:  American University of Iraq, Sulaimania (AUIS) as the Student Services Assistant

Roza is from Sulaymaniah and she lives there. She has graduated from the American University of Iraq, Sulaimania (AUIS) and has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. She was interested in taking our courses, and she was given the option to move straight to Advanced when she signed up. However, she wanted to improve her tech skills more so she chose to start from Business IT. After finishing Business IT, she chose the Social Media class. She created beautiful designs in the Social Media class and she helped her classmates whenever they needed help with the English language. She’s the mother of a beautiful baby girl and regardless of her busy schedule of being a mom, her attendance as well as her participation was great. She recently informed us that she got a job at AUIS as the Student Services Assistant. She works with the Dean of Students on helping students with their academic performance. We are really happy for her achievement!